Good driving, rewarded

Drive with the HiRoad app and save

Think of the HiRoad app as a fitness tracker for driving. It’s car insurance that uses smartphone sensors to recognize your good driving and reward you with up to 50% off every month.

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How does HiRoad car insurance work?

How’s HiRoad insurance different?

HiRoad behavior-based insurance
Traditional flat-rate insurance
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How does more control turn into savings?

Distraction Free
Smooth Driving
Safe Speeds
Driving Patterns

Why HiRoad

"Having the HiRoad app on my phone has made me more aware of how I'm behaving behind the wheel and the choices I am making. I think if more people signed up for HiRoad, our streets would be a lot safer. This is a win/win for everyone!"

-Kelly M

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Is usage-based car insurance better for you?

December 6, 2022


What is HiRoad?
How is HiRoad different?
How does the HiRoad app work?
What is Telematics?