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HiRoad gets an “A” from A.M. Best.

A.M. Best independently evaluates the financial health of insurance companies. An “A” rating is excellent.

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"Having the HiRoad app on my phone has made me more aware of how I'm behaving behind the wheel and the choices I am making. I think if more people signed up for HiRoad, our streets would be a lot safer. This is a win/win for everyone!"

— Kelly M.

"HiRoad has great customer service—they were so helpful and knowledgeable! It's a great company that I've been with for years. Thank you, HiRoad!"

"HiRoad took care of me just when I needed help. Thanks so much for guiding me through the claims process. It was quick and painless."

— Dave L.

"It’s made me a more mindful driver. I’m much more aware of others around me."

"I really felt like my customer care experience was friendly and my specialist was knowledgeable. They helped me quickly to get new documents together and update my policy as I purchased my car. HiRoad went above and beyond to help me."

— Tracy K.

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