5 tips for choosing the best podcasts for driving (and our 10 favorites)

October 18, 2021


, like driving? Is it safe to listen to podcasts while driving? Well, we have some good news for those of you addicted to podcasts. 

How to pick a great podcast for driving to work—or anywhere
1. Avoid angry subjects. You want to stay calm and focused while you drive. That’s going to be tough if you’re slamming a rage-filled rant about the misdeeds of your least favorite politician into your brain. Go for something insightful, not inciting. 

HiRoad’s top ten podcasts for mindful drivers
For simplicity, these links are all for the Apple Podcast app, but they’re all available wherever you like to listen.)  

The best podcasts to listen to make you connect


Stay on the path

Music and the brain blog image
living mindfully
Music and the brain: achieving a flow state while driving

July 15, 2021

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